Our Approach

We believe that to truly live a happy, fulfilled life when we are older we continue to want and need the same fundamental things:

• To be stimulated, engaged & delighted by what we do every day

• Physical activities we enjoy to keep us healthy, limber and alert

• To stay connected to the people and communities that mean most to us

Oomph! provides training and services to empower anyone working with older adults to deliver this 360 degree approach to wellbeing, proving our impact every step of the way.


What we do

Our Organisation Makes People Happy

Oomph! provides a set of complementary services to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults.

Our training and support packages are designed to work together to help you deliver everyday mental stimulation, regular, fun physical activity and new experiences & connections for those in your care. 

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Where we do it

Oomph! works with care providers, local authorities, and community organisations from the far north of Scotland to the south coast of England and throughout Wales.

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Why we do it

Oomph! stands for Our Organisation Makes People Happy and that informs everything we do.

We recognise that a good quality of life is a must-have, not a nice-to-have for older adults. We know this is not improved by one-off interventions that raise a quick smile, but by a long term transformation in behaviours that leaves people with more confidence, independence, dignity – enabling them to live a life in full colour.

We have seen the amazing difference that’s possible when we partner with care organisations to put quality of life at the heart of what they do – both for older adults and those who care for them - and we are dedicated to working with the industry to transform the quality of care across the UK.

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Our Training and Support

Creating a movement of outstanding Activity professionals

Oomph! training and support is innovative and unique - built on our front-line training, testing and best practice. Our programmes are based on proprietary expert methodology and endorsed by leading industry bodies and professionals.

Most importantly we don’t just train people up and then leave them to it. We provide ongoing support, inspiration and education through our private online community and monthly support packs which include resources, templates, original activities and best practice examples to keep building on the skills developed in our courses.

We regularly celebrate the success of our community sharing the great work that’s happening through initiatives such as Instructor of the Year, Oomph! Factor and the Oomph! Foundation.

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Oomph! and the CQC

How Oomph! can help your CQC Rating  

Care Quality Commission ratings are vital for any care organisation. Oomph!’s programmes will support you and your staff to achieve and most importantly sustain the best possible ratings. Working with Oomph! will help:

1. Demonstrate measurable improvement to residents' quality of life

2. Provide industry leading staff training and ongoing support

3. Create a vibrant, inclusive Activities culture and leadership

4. Deliver engaging, varied person-centred activities

5. Provide market leading evidencing for CQC

Oomph! inspired activities are increasingly noted in CQC inspection reports as evidence of a Responsive home. To view a selection of CQC reports citing Oomph! inspired activities, click here.

"We saw people enjoyed the class and there was buzz of conversation across the home afterwards...people we spoke with told us they enjoyed the events, which showed the initiative was successful." Drovers House, WCS, June 15

"We saw the impact of the programme was to create a community within the home for people who were not able to maintain links with their previous communities." Westlands, WCS, June 15

"We observed an ‘Oomph’ session and found there was a lot of laughter and enjoyment by people and staff." Sandfields, CareUk Oct 2015

“This activity was well received with those who were able getting up and joining in with the dancing.” Overton House, HICA Jan 16

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