Our Impact

As a social enterprise we are committed to tracking and publically reporting the impact of our work on the day-to-day health and quality of life of older adults. This is published in our annual impact report.

We work with leading academics and social impact thinkers in the UK to design our methodology, and we share the benefits of the insights they provide with our clients, partners and the wider industry.

Here’s just some key statistics from our latest Annual Impact Report for 2016/17:

  • 1,598 Staff trained
  • 68% Participants seeing significant improvement in physical mobility
  • 85% Participants seeing significant improvement in social interaction
  • 84% Participants seeing significant improvement in mental stimulation
  • 59,575 Sessions delivered per year
  • 4.6/5 Average participant rating for Out & About trips
  • 83% Staff said residents more engaged in other activities after trips
  • 996,600+ Participants per year
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Our vision

A world in which older adults live life in full colour.

Our mission

To transform the day-to-day health and quality of life of older people everywhere.

We like the way that our instructor is so flexible and can change a class depending on the specific needs of the individual. So, for example, we have a gentleman with epilepsy who prefers to do the classes in his chair. It is this flexibility and ensuring everyone is involved that makes Oomph! so good.

Sarah Walker, Support Worker, The Granary Care Home, Driffield

I am blown away with the changes its made to everyone and it's such a great feeling when our residents see you and just give me a fabulous smile

Trained Activity Staff

2 weeks ago the lady was unable to assist herself with the upper part of her body and now after 2 weeks of Oomph! look at the difference. Oomph! is worth its weight in gold and the best activity my residents have enjoyed in a long time.

Oomph! Licensee Instructor, Ideal Care Homes

One resident has gone from partially weight bearing to fully being able to stand and take a few steps with her zimmer frame. HUGE progress and her son is absolutely delighted!

Lucy Stout, The Pines, Gracewell

Residents, and even their families, love taking part in the exercises provided by Oomph! and the energy and enthusiasm of the instructor is very infectious. Residents’ mobility and dexterity has improved and all in all the classes provide a positive experience for everyone in the home.

Lynn Buxton, Manager of Ashdale Lodge Care Home, Hull

Since Oomph! started leading exercise classes, the group of residents taking part has increased week by week. The residents look forward to their sessions and there is always lots of singing laughter and enjoyment.

Sue Rollinson, Manager of Westfield Park Nursing Home, Hull

The vast majority of our residents take part and whether they do it in the chair or standing up they all have lots of fun and it is great exercise for them.

Hannah Dowler, Manager of Esk Hall Care Home, Whitby

Our residents love the classes that Oomph provides in the home and even those who are unable to get out of their chairs still enjoy tapping their feet to the music and the rhythm. It really puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

Nikki Durrant, Manager of Rosevale Care Home, York

When I first came in here about 6 months ago I was more or less paralysed, from the waist downwards and everything had to be done for me. Since then, I have been attending Oomph! 2-3 times per week and doing my physio and it’s helped a lot - I can now walk with a stick. I went back to my GP in June and who gave me a big hug and said you’ve proved me wrong. I’ll now be going back home to live in 3 weeks time.

Doris, Resident at Bucklesham Grange

A lady was so pleased she came. She has declined every exercise class for 3 years and has always made harsh comments. Today she asked me to make sure she came along to every Oomph! session.

Helen Waspe, Bramley Court

The following are some real life examples of how Oomph! trained teams are transforming lives by tapping into a deep understanding of those in their care to support each individual to be fully themselves. Only the names have been changed to protect their identities.

Berehill House, Hestia Care

“It’s something you would do and not just us oldies!”

All my residents want to do activities that we [the staff] would want to do. They don’t want to necessarily sit and crochet a tea cosy. They have a real need to do activities that make them feel a connection to their past, but also a connection with us. We are the people they see every day and it creates links with us which is really important.

A lot of my residents enjoy drinking gin and we run cocktail classes and make gin ice lollies in the home.One of my residents Eve used to travel a lot and said when she lived in Malaysia she always used to pick up gin from the market.

She wanted to take things a step further and go to a distillery to see how her favourite drink is made so we recently all went to Bombay Sapphire, with the support of the Oomph! Foundation. The mill where it’s based has special meaning, as some of our residents and their families worked there.

Eve is a very funny lady who makes us laugh every day but with her dementia it can be hard to reach her. She was more engaged with the other residents than I’ve seen for a long time...the setting was nice and relaxed and I feel she was able to communicate fully. My residents have lots of ideas for future trips now including the New Forest, 50s diner and an art gallery.

Laura Marston, Activity Co-ordinator

St Margaret's, CrossReach

“May feels settled in and happy with her surroundings - she feels like she belongs and trusts people a lot more.”

May, who is 91, never really communicated with other residents or joined in with activities. She would sit by herself most of the time and not integrate - I felt that she was scared and wary. I was able to persuade her to participate in our Oomph! sessions and have seen a transformation – she started communicating with other residents and joining in sessions with them.

She is a lot calmer, sits with other residents and starts conversations. Her emotional state is better and she is much happier. From coming along to regular Oomph! sessions she has been moving her fingers and legs more, and she is a lot straighter using her zimmer.

Her enthusiasm and greater flexibility has spread to other areas of her life. May has arthritis in her fingers and now she is starting to play the piano!

It is incredibly rewarding to see May come out of her shell and trust more. I just didn’t realise how much I would enjoy getting to know May as a funny, soft spoken person with a great personality.

Money cannot buy this reward and happiness. I get so much fun and satisfaction from watching residents change – from saying “I can’t” to “I love it” and “I can do it”.

Lorraine Henderson, Activity Co-ordinator