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Oomph! provides a set of complementary services to enhance the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults. Our training and support packages are designed to work together to help you deliver everyday mental stimulation, regular, fun physical activity and new experiences & connections for those in your care.

Out & About

Out & About is a radical new solution for care service outings, keeping those in care connected to the places and passions that matter in their local communities. Visit the Out & About microsite for full details and to request an information pack. For a taster of the impact getting Out & About makes watch Margaret's story:  



Delivering meaningful, personalised activity programmes that engage and stimulate residents every single day is no longer a 'nice-to-have'. This begins with having creative, confident Activity Leaders in your care setting. Our Leadership Programme combines face to face training topped up annually, with ongoing support every step of the way via a private online community and monthly support package.

Year round support package to help you be truly great at:

• Person-centred activity planning & evaluation

• Maximising the therapeutic impact of activities

• Building a positive ‘activity’ culture

• Marketing to involve staff and communities

Package includes:

• Face to face training

• Monthly toolkit of resources:

• Oomph! Calendar, Digest & Wireless show

• Evidencing templates to meet regulator requirements

• Online support community

• Oomph! app for real-time tracking of participation & engagement

To explore the Oomph! toolkit visit our Activities demo (enter your email address to login)  


We provide comprehensive professional training and support to create exceptional Exercise Leaders capable of delivering safe, inspiring, imaginative and impactful classes. We provide ongoing support to all trainees to help them plan and run our unique exercise sessions every day. Delivering these classes in-house allows organisations to offer them very regularly and cost effectively as well as supporting increased personalisation and strengthened relationships between all involved.

Year round support package to help you be truly great at:

• Inspiring delivery that gets regular, enthusiastic participation

• Person-centred delivery with the use of themes

• Creating & adapting classes to meet any needs

• Safety in delivery

Package includes:

• Face to face training

• Starter pack (props, t-shirt and start-up choreography)

• Monthly Energiser packs, quarterly CDs and choreography

• Online support community

• Oomph! app for real-time tracking of participation & engagement

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Support every step of the way

All Oomph! services include a complete package of support for partners and clients from those delivering the services to home or venue managers and head office management.

For Head Office

  • Quarterly reports demonstrating delivery & impact
  • Regular case studies, joint PR & marketing initiatives
  • Bespoke research, service innovation and marketing initiatives

For Home / Venue Managers

  • Starter pack including press release templates, flyers and posters
  • Templates to evidence the impact for key stakeholders, including mapping tools for local regulators and commissioners
  • Quarterly calls to track progress & identify support needs
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Bespoke Services

Beyond our standard Licence Package Oomph! can offer a bespoke set of bespoke premium services tailored for your care group to get the most out of your Activities Provision:

  • Training: Our training team can provide hands-on support to your staff in the field, performing skills audits and providing coaching and mentoring over the phone or in person.
  • Marketing: We work with care groups to co-design bespoke marketing and PR initiatives to highlight the success of your Activities Programmes – including video case studies and exclusive PR campaigns
  • Research: We work with university partners and widely used quality of life self-assessment surveys and functional health tools to run to-brief research studies to quantify the impact of our work on individual lives.
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