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1st ever record of Halley’s comet (240 BC)

1st ever record of Halley’s comet (240 BC)

Way back in 240 BC, the people of Earth made history when they became the first ever to observe and record what we now know as Halley’s comet. But what is Halley’s comet? It is a giant mass of rock and ice that orbits around the sun every 75-76 years. In its first recorded sighting, Chinese astronomers described the comet as a “broom star” showing an extended body, bristles at one end and a fan-shaped tail.

Although this description may be hilarious to us now, it was indeed accurate! After years of careful observations and calculations, we can safely say it’s no broom star but Halley’s comet that reappears once every 75 years – an unforgettable display of a fiery mass in space!

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