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1st world weightlifting championship (1891)

1st world weightlifting championship (1891)

In 1891, the first-ever world weightlifting championship took place in London, and it was an event pioneering in its own right. It featured athletes from as close to home as France, Scotland, and England and as far away as Ireland, Australia, India, and Japan. The competition noticed an impressive show of strength from all sides that enthralled the crowds cheering them on.

Although the competition was fierce, the eventual winner of the gold medal was Edward Lawrence Levy from Brighton, England. It is said that young Levy had been training rigorously for days leading up to his winning performance. With his slicked black hair and solid build, he did not even break a sweat during his impressive feats of strength. Surprisingly enough, none of the other competitors managed to lift some of the heavier weights! What an amazing display of athleticism by young Levy and a great start for this sport as a whole!

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