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50th Venice Film Festival begins (first started 1932)

Venice Film Festival Begins

Venice is the oldest film festival in the world and is one of the most prestigious. Stars and creatives from across the globe get together to premiere new films, host events and promote their latest projects. It is also a chance for film critics to get their first glimpse at potential award winners, marking the start of the Academy Awards race. Venice becomes a buzz with film fans and paparazzi, all desperate the get a glimpse of their favourite stars! The Golden Lion (or Leone d’oro) is awarded to the best film screened during the festival. 

Mark this day with our fun activities below…

Activity Ideas:

  • Print out and enjoy our Italy activity book – here 
  • Learn more about acting and the film industry with this video from our partners at Street Theatre – here 
  • Host your own film festival with our film awards templates – here