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All Saints’ Day

All Saints' Day

All Saints’ Day is a special day when people remember and give thanks for all the saints who have gone before us. It is also a time to celebrate the lives of those who are still with us. The day is also known as ‘All Hallows’ Day’, and was originally a pagan festival that honoured the dead. Christianity appropriated the day, and it became a day to remember and give thanks for all the saints who had given their lives for their faith.

All Saints’ Day is usually celebrated on 1st November, although it can be moved to 2nd November if that falls on a Sunday.

So whatever your belief system, use the activities below to celebrate All Saints’ Day and give thanks whilst celebrating the preciousness of life.

Activity Ideas:

  • Use the Oomph! appreciation templates to show some appreciation to those who care for us – here 
  • Print out and enjoy the Saint Andrew activity book – here
  • Have a sing along to when the saints go marching in using these lyric and fact sheets – here