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Appreciating Torvill and Dean

Appreciating Torvill and Dean

Ah, the classic Torvill and Dean! Everyone loves a good ice dancing show, and these two British Eurosport superstars definitely deliver. Often known simply as ‘Torvill and Dean’, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean are Britain’s much-loved duo of Olympic gold medallists who shot to fame after their celebrated performance of Bolero at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Nowadays millions of fans tune in to watch their popular television programs like ‘Dancing on Ice’ where performers from all different backgrounds take to the rink with them and test their respective skills against legends of yesteryear. In fact, one time during a show, Torvill and Dean actually performed their Bolero routine on ice skates…while riding a tandem bicycle! It was just too funny – a sight worth seeing!

This famous duo got started skating together when they were only 15 while attending a roller skating disco! Enjoy some of the famous routines of these ice dancing dynamos with these cool resources!

Activity Ideas:

  • Looking at the famous routines by Torvill and Dean – here
  • Learn about other famous ice skaters – here
  • Have a go at the Sensory Ice Guessing Activity – here