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Battle Of The Boyne Commemorated

Battle Of The Boyne Commemorated

The Battle of the Boyne was fought in 1690 between the Catholic James II and the Protestant William III, who had overthrown James as king of England in 1688. The battle took place across the River Boyne at Oldbridge and resulted in a victory for William. This turned the tide in James’s attempt to regain the British crown and ultimately ensured the continuation of Protestant ascendancy in Ireland. The ensuing battle at the River Boyne is remembered as the final time two crowned kings of England, Scotland and Ireland met in battle.

The Battle of the Boyne is an event which takes place each year and is commemorated by Orange Men walking through the streets of Northern Ireland. It is also known as Orangemen’s Day, Orange Day or the Glorious 12th. Today it is mainly celebrated by the Orange Order and British Unionists. They hold parades with marching bands, and the streets are decked out with Union Flags.


Activity Ideas:

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