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British football league established (1888)

British football league established (1888)

The British Football League (BFL) has been around since 1888, setting the stage for some of the most exciting and competitive football matches in the world. The story behind this legendary sports league began when eight local professional clubs decided to come together to form a single competition that would crown the best team of the season. Since then, the league has continued to expand and today boasts more than 100 professional clubs spread throughout numerous divisions. Through its storied history, BFL has built quite an impressive resume, boasting several memorable championship games, countless club achievements and dozens of international players who left their mark on football history. A number of prominent players, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, cut their teeth playing in the British Football League, which is indicative of the level of competition found within this esteemed association.

What’s more, for over 130 years, the league has spread joy and camaraderie through its beloved sport with fans across Britain coming together to root for their favourite teams on game day. On top of that, it’s highly entertaining too – factoring in crowd chants, unique uniforms, and other special effects you won’t find anywhere else!

So, host some amazing football drills and reminiscence sessions with these resources!

Activity Ideas:

  • Famous footballers over the years Wordsearch – here
  • Print off and enjoy our football reminiscence activity – here