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Classic Car Day

Classic Car Day

In early 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent on what he called his “vehicle powered by a gas engine”. Whilst many were sceptical of this new invention, by the end of the year, the Benz Patent Motorcar was in production and being bought by the wealthiest in society. In 1913, Henry Ford perfected a production model that saw factory workers creating a ‘production line’ that significantly sped up the building of cars and made them cheaper and more accessible to the general public. By the late 1920s, America was at the forefront of car manufacturing and innovation, with the “big three” brands Chrysler, General Motors and Ford, distributing vehicles all over the world. After the Second World War, Europe and Japan became major players in the car industry and the 50s saw a boom in ‘car culture’, especially among teenagers. Today, there are more car manufacturers than at any other point in history, with advancements in electric and bio-fuel becoming the new frontier. It is thought that The Ford Model T and the Volkswagen Beatle are the most mass-produced cars in history.

Have some fun with our car-based activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Print off and enjoy the Happy At Home activity book ‘The Birth Of The Motorcar’ – here 
  • Challenge yourself with our car logos quiz – here 
  • Have a go at our world-famous car brand Wordsearch – here 
  • Get crafty with our Cardboard Car Race activity – here
  • Test your knowledge with the Oomph! car quiz – here