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Cliff Richard Gets Knighted By The Queen (1995)

Cliff Richard Gets Knighted By The Queen (1995)

Cliff Richard (Harry Rodgers Webb) was born on the 14th of October 1940 in Lucknow, British India. His father managed a catering company that provided the food for Indian National Railway and his mother was a dormitory matron for an all-girls school. At the age of 16, Cliff’s father bought his son a guitar after noticing Cliff’s natural musical talent and the teen quickly joined the vocal harmony group The Quintones. Cliff Richard first shot to stardom when he entered the band The Drifter (which was later changed to The Shadows due to confusion between the band and the popular American group of the same name). The Shadows captured the hearts of teen girls throughout England with their clean-cut image and their summery, pop-infused ballads, with Cliff, in particular, getting the moniker of ‘the good boy of rock’. The Shadows gained success with hits like Apache and The Young Ones. Cliff became a star on the big screen with the release of the hit movie Summer Holiday in 1963. After a career spanning six decades, Cliff Richard has had 132 songs and albums reach the top 20 in the UK charts (more than any other artist in chart history), 14 number one singles and has scored 8 top twenty hits in the US. Richard’s first number one, Living Doll, beat out competition from such legends as Elvis Presley, The Everley Brothers and Buddy Holly! It is estimated that Cliff Richard has sold 250 million records worldwide and he is the only artist to have a number one record in 5 consecutive decades! He was the first rock star to be knighted by the Queen, for his contributions to music and the arts, in 1995.

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