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Dog Appreciation Day

Dog Appreciation Day

Founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige (an animal behaviourist), Dog Appreciation Day celebrates our furry friends! It is thought that 26% of UK adults have a dog with an estimated population of 9.6 million pet dogs. Animal sceintists have shown that dogs dream in a similar way to humans, including REM (rapid eye movement) which is the stage of dreaming that we tend to remember. Dog’s sense of smell are 10,000 times more powerful than ours and it is actually a myth that they can only see in black and white (they can also see strains of yellow and blue, but not green and red). Also, a dog’s nose is as unique as a human’s fingerprint, isn’t that amazing!

Enjoy all things dog with our fun activities below…

Activity Ideas:

  • Test your knowledge with our Cats and Dogs Quiz – here 
  • Print off and enjoy our special edition digest all about dogs – here
  • Challenge yourself with our medium difficulty dog breed wordsearch – here