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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Birthday (1896)

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Birthday (1896)

F. Scott Fitzgerald (Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald) was born in Minnesota to an aristocratic father and creative mother. Even as a very young child, Fitzgerald was known for having a romantic and vivid imagination, often glamorising events that others felt were relatively mundane. This made him somewhat unpopular in school, but when he began studying at Princeton University, these qualities were honed into a love of writing and reading which led him to become president of the high society group, The Triangle Club. Despite all signs pointing towards success, Fitzgerald dropped out of Princeton after an affair with Ginevra King, one of the great beauties of her generation, that left him heartbroken. In July 1919, Fitzgerald met the enigmatic Zelda Sayre and tried to convince her to marry him but she would not agree to the engagement until he had made a success of himself. This spurred Fitzgerald to work on his first novel This Side Of Paradise, which was published in 1920 and became a literary sensation. The short novel was lauded for exposing the lives of young flappers and socialites. Fitzgerald would follow this up with The Beautiful And The Damned in 1922 and The Great Gatsby in 1925. Although The Great Gatsby is seen as one of history’s most important novels, it was not initially successful which led Fitzgerald into a period of depression.

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