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Father’s Day

Father's Day

Today is Father’s Day, a favourite day for many people, it is a day to cherish father figures in your life. Many countries celebrate Father’s Day in different ways, through gifts or big gatherings and on different dates! Why not get busy today reminiscing / taking part in some favourite traditional father activities – whether that is doing some DIY, playing sport, looking at motor cars or something else!


Activity Ideas:

  • Print out and enjoy our Father’s Day activity book – here
  • Read and enjoy some stories all around fathers – here
  • Tell each other your favourite dad jokes, inspiration – here
  • Few dads could resist a beer, grab a few beer mats and try out a tasting – here
  • Try your hand at DIY, make your own paper boats and race them – here
  • Make your own photo album boxes with our activity – here
  • Print out and enjoy our motor sports activity book – here
  • Or try a car logo quiz to test your knowledge – here
  • Print out and enjoy our sporting activity book – here
  • And finally, have a tie-tying contest – who can tie their tie the quickest?