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Festival of British Archaeology begins

Festival of British Archaeology begins

The Festival of British Archaeology is a fortnight-long festival coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA). The festival began in 1990 as National Archaeology Day, for which 10 events were held. The festival increased to a weekend-long event in 2003 with 195 events, and in 2005 became a nine-day festival under the name National Archaeology Week.

Feedback from participants led to a decision by the Council for British Archaeology to move the event to July in order make the most of the fieldwork opportunities during the summer. The Council for British Archaeology has now renamed National Archaeology Week as the Festival of Archaeology. Events range from small local events to larger countywide events, and focus on different aspects of British Archaeology.


Activity Ideas:

  • The theme this year is “Exploring Local Places”
  • So use our resources to explore the history of local places, such as Liverpool – here
  • Take a wander down your local high street and think about how it has changed over time
  • Get answers to your questions from archaeologists around the world – here
  • Explore the famous dig of Tutankhamun in Egypt with National Geographic – here
  • Contact your local archaeology society, history group, museum, library, and archive to find out what they are doing and how you can get involved