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German Language Day

German Language Day

17 years ago, the German Language Association created International German Language Day to encourage people throughout the world to learn this beautiful language. It is thought that ancient Romans were in contact with German speakers in the 1st Century B.C, making it one of the oldest surviving languages in the world! In 1552, the first-ever German translation of the bible was printed, improving literacy in German-speaking countries. Both German and English are classed as West Germanic languages, meaning that they share many qualities. German is the most spoken language in the whole of Europe and is widely spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is thought that nearly 100 million people speak German in Europe alone, and German was the mother tongue of many great writers and thinkers, including Schiller, Brecht, Marx and Nietzsche.

Embrace German culture and language with these activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Celebrate the German tradition of Oktoberfest with this Oomph! Beer Tasting – here
  • Print out and enjoy our Germany-themed Activity Book – here
  • Read our Oomph! special edition digest all about the German language and culture – here