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Good Neighbour Day

Good Neighbour Day

The word neighbour is thought to come from the Old English word ‘neahgebur’ meaning someone who lives in your community. Good Neighbour Day was first established in the early 1970s by Becky Mattson, a resident of Lake Side, Montana who realised that despite living in the same area for most of her life, she didn’t know many of her neighbours or people in the community. In an attempt to rectify this and increase community spirit, Mattson organised community events in the local area. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter announced in Congress that he would be making the day official throughout the US and that it would be celebrated “with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” The idea of Good Neighbour Day has spread throughout the world, especially post-pandemic, with Australia launching its first social connection day in 2020, which encourages people to reach out to the people in their neighbourhoods. Recent research suggests that older people have closer and stronger relationships with their neighbours and that interacting with those around you is good for your health.

Get neighbourly with these fun activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Make a nice gift for a neighbour with these beaded friendship bracelets – here
  • Celebrate your friendship with our friendship collage – here
  • Learn all about the superstars who have starred in the classic Australian soap opera Neighbours – here