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Happy Hat Day

Happy Hat Day

Did you know, a Chef’s hat has 100 folds to represent 100 ways to cook an egg. Elizabeth I had a rule that anyone over the age of 7 had to wear a cap on Sundays. And that black taxis in London have a tall roof so that bowler hats can fit in!

Today is Happy Hat Day! This is a day to break out your favourite hat and wear it with pride. Whether you prefer a fedora, beanie, or cowboy hat, today is the day to show off your style. Of course, you don’t need to wait for Happy Hat Day to rock a great hat. But if you need an excuse to break out your finest headwear, today is the perfect day! So go find your favourite hat, put it on with a smile and take part in the activities below.

Have fun celebrating Happy Hat Day!

Activity Ideas:

  • Create an easy knitted hat – here
  • Have lots of fun using our hats activity book – here
  • Stimulate your mind and see how many hats you can find in our word search  – here