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Head Of State Expected To Arrive For The Royal Funeral

Head Of State Expected To Arrive For The Royal Funeral

World leaders from around the globe are expected to arrive in London to share in mourning as well as celebrate the extraordinary life of The Queen. Politicians from the Commonwealth have been invited to celebrate the immense contribution that The Queen made to their cultures and share stories of her graceful leadership. The Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced that he will bring 10 Australian citizens to the funeral to celebrate the close connection between the Australian people and the monarchy. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently referred to Queen Elizabeth as “one of his favourite people” in an emotional address to the Canadian public. Representatives from countries as diverse as America, France, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, Brazil, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and Latvia will attend the state funeral. These world and spiritual leaders will be encouraged to write down their thoughts in the condolence book at Lancaster House close to St. James Park.

Whilst this is a time for mourning and reflection, it is also a time to reminisce about The Queen’s vibrant personality and wisdom. The Queen was known as one of the great orators of all time and this is a great time to remember her moving speeches.

Activity Ideas:

  • Take some time to remember The Queen’s wise words with this reminiscence activity – here