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IBM Introduced The First Commercial Computer (1956)

IBM Introduced The First Commercial Computer (1956)

In 1954, Reynold Johnson was tasked with creating a team who would be able to create an electronic storage system that would replace manual punch cards. After two years of research and development, IBM was able to ship the first commercially viable Hard Drive Disk. This machine was able to store data in magnetic, rotating disks – ushering in the kind of processors that would become integral to the creation of the home computer.  The Model 350 was just over 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide, however, it was able to take the place of many, many physical filing systems. This system was $750 dollars a month, around $2,800 in today’s money. IBM used some of the technology created by Charles Babbage’s invention of the Babbage Difference machine in 1822, to create this technological marvel.

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