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International Chef’s Day

International Chef's Day

It is thought that Marcus Apicius created the first functioning cookbook in the first century A.D and it featured over 400 recipes but it wasn’t until 1765 that the first restaurant was opened by A. Boulanger. These first restaurants were actually called restoratives due to Boulanger’s belief that eating out was good for a person’s health. In 1847, Alexis Soyer opened his first ‘famine soup’ (soup kitchen) to help feed the influx of poor immigrants arriving in France. In the early 1870s, Auguste Escoffier created a system that would help reduce the workload on chefs. The Escoffier system meant that each person in the kitchen had a particular role, somewhat like a production line. This created the concept of the sous chef. The first ever Michelin stars were awarded in 1926 (all of the restaurants awarded were French). In high-end restaurants, the number of folds in a chef’s hat represents the number of different ways that they can prepare an egg! The master chef and President of the World Association of Chefs Societies, Dr Bill Gallagher, created World Chef Day in 2004 to celebrate food culture and to advocate for chefs around the globe.

Learn more about food and the culinary arts with these activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Get cooking with our partners at Hospitality HQ and make some hot cross buns – here 
  • Have a laugh with our kitchen-themed laughter yoga session – here 
  • Test your knowledge with our World Famous Chefs Restaurants Word search – here