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International Country Music Day

International Country Music Day

Although the origins of country music are complicated and a result of many influences, music lovers point to working-class Americans in the Appalachian Mountains as a good starting point for the beloved genre. In the 1920s, this mix of blues and folk music started to gain national attention throughout the USA but was somewhat rudely dubbed ‘hill-billy’ music. However, by the 1940s, artists like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, who leaned into the image of the ‘singing cowboy’, became increasingly popular and critically acclaimed. By the mid-1950s, with the explosion of rock and roll and American teen culture, Country Music began to adopt some of the hallmarks of the rock genre with faster beats and hooks. The genre once again transformed in the 80s when stars like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers sought to widen their listenership by moving into the pop space, creating a new, catchy sound.

Celebrate this amazing genre with these fun activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Get moving with this fun and energizing country music workout – here 
  • Add a country music pop to your day with this Dolly Parton playlist – here
  • Have a go at the Oomph! Country Music Stars wordsearch – here 
  • Test your knowledge with this Country Music Quiz – here
  • Have a go at this yee-haw country music fitness session – here
  • Get crafty with this Country Banjo activity – here
  • Join in a virtual hoedown with our fabulous singer Gina – here