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International Darwin Day

International Darwin Day

International Darwin Day is celebrated every year on February 12, to commemorate the birthday of Charles Darwin, who is best known for his Theory of Evolution. The day is intended to promote public education about science, and to encourage everyone to celebrate humanity’s scientific achievements. In addition, Darwin Day is a time to reflect on the importance of cooperation and respect for all humans, regardless of race or religion.

International Darwin Day was first organized in 2009 by the Secular Student Alliance, a non-profit organization that promotes secular values and critical thinking. The day has since been embraced by a global community of scientists, atheists, and others who value reason and evidence-based thinking. Each year, International Darwin Day events are held around the world, bringing people together to celebrate science and reason.

Learn more about this iconic personality and his achievements with these resources!

Activity Ideas:

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  • Challenge yourself with Charles Darwin Word wheel – here
  • Enjoy the special digest on Charles Darwin and Galapagos  – here