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International Sign Language Day

International Sign Language Day

International Sign Language Day was established by the UN assembly and the World Federation Of The Deaf in 1958 and is a unique opportunity to celebrate the diversity in the deaf community and put focus on this unique linguistic expression. It is estimated that there are 300 different unique sign languages practised by 70 million people worldwide. Sign language is the fourth most spoken language in the UK with over 125,000 people regularly using British Sign Language. It is a common misconception that sign language is solely about hand movements, but it actually also involves facial and shoulder movements and it has its own grammatical system. Many deaf people have something called a ‘name sign’ which means that, rather than spelling out their name to new people, they have a sign instead – somewhat like a nickname! There are currently almost 2,500 sign interpreters in the US alone!

Learn more about this unique language with our fun and interesting activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Learn more about the signs we see every day with this Sign Quiz – here 
  • Learn the basics of this language with these simple sign language instructions – here
  • Enjoy this special edition digest on sign language – here