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International Sports Car Racing Day

International Sports Car Racing Day

International Sports Car Racing Day celebrates all things fast, flashy and fun. This day marks the anniversary of the very first sports car race which took place in 1922. This unique event was organised by Prince Henry of Prussia, a member of the German Imperial Family, who wanted to promote automobile transportation. Although not all details about the race are known today, it was fiercely contested by some of the finest motoring pioneers of the time and took place on an eight-mile circuit on public roads that had been closed off specifically for the race.

These events vary from place to place but usually involve watching episodes of popular sports car racing shows, attending local races, and discussing the favourite drivers. To add to this fun day, many car clubs around the world organise activities and contests such as driving competitions or trivia quizzes related to car racing events. So, fasten your seat belts and let the celebration begin with these resources!

Activity Ideas:

  • Make your own Cardboard Race Cars – here
  • Challenge yourself with F1 Teams and Drivers Wordsearch – here
  • Have a go at the Worldwide Race Tracks Crossword – here