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International Whale Shark Day

International Whale Shark Day

International Whale Shark Day was first established in 2012 to celebrate these beautiful gentle giants. The whale shark’s ancestry goes back to the Jurassic Period and they have thousands of teeth! These teeth are relatively small (less than one inch long) and help them eat small creatures like shrimp, plankton and little fish. Whale sharks have very long lifespans, regularly living for 100 years and each has a unique set of patterns on their back, a bit like human fingerprints. Unfortunately, in recent years the whale shark has been officially recognised as an endangered species with the main culprits for this being fisheries and the demand for shark fins and meat.

Learn more about whale sharks with our activity resources below…

Activity Ideas:

  • Relax with our Ocean Meditation – here
  • Challenge yourself with our Deep Ocean Quiz – here 
  • Test your knowledge with our Dolphin and Whales Quiz – here 
  • Enjoy our Whale Shark discussion activity – here