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International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is an event that has been around for over a century, beginning in 1911. It has always served as a day to honour women’s rights and accomplishments, while calling attention to gender inequality around the globe. Every year, nations around the world come together on this day, celebrating the power of women and their fight for justice and equality in all aspects of life. Celebrating International Women’s Day means recognizing that women should have the same legal rights and opportunities as men no matter where they live. A fun way to observe this day is by gathering people together; encouraging them to share stories of inspiring female role models in their lives, such as mothers or managers, or even talking about their own achievements! To celebrate this day, various events are organised across the globe to raise awareness about breaking down gender stereotypes and fighting any discrimination still present today.

No matter how you would decide to observe this day in your care setting, remember that International Women’s Day is a special occasion to recognize the incredible feats that women have accomplished throughout history and continue to achieve until this day! Celebrate some incredible women with our resources!

Activity Ideas:

  • Print off and enjoy our Women’s Day Activity Book – here
  • Take our quiz all about famous women – here