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Joan Of Arc Arrives In Paris (1429)

Joan Of Arc Arrives In Paris (1429)

Joan of Arc was born in Domrémy in 1412 into extreme poverty, spending much of her childhood living on the streets, but her religious mother instilled in her a deep love and reverence for the Catholic Church. At the time, France had been torn apart by what we now refer to as The Hundred Years’ War in which Henry V, after a long battle, became the ruler of both England and France. At the age of 13, Joan believed that she was receiving direct communication from God and that she had a divine mission to lead the French army in its battle to remove Henry V. Despite her vow of chastity, her father tried to arrange a marriage between Joan and a local suitor, perhaps in an effort to elevate their status. At 16, she successfully argued in front of a court that she should not have to be wed! By May 1428, Joan had gathered a group of followers who believed her to be a fabled virgin girl who would bring peace to France. Joan promised French aristocrats that if they provided her with an army she would take Orléans back from the English. With an army in tow, she led the Seige of Orléans and successfully reoccupied the territory, making her one of the most celebrated figures in French history. In 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy but was officially canonised in 1920, almost 488 years after her death.

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