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Lord Baden-Powell’s Birthday

Lord Baden-Powell's Birthday

Born on 22 February 1857, Robert Baden-Powell was a British Army officer who went on to become the founder of the international Scouting movement. After a successful military career, Baden-Powell retired from the Army in 1910 and began writing a series of books on Scouting. His work soon attracted a worldwide following, and in 1907, he held the first international Scout camp at Brownsea Island in England. The Scouting movement continues to thrive today, with millions of members in over 200 countries.

On Lord Baden-Powell’s birthday, Scouts all over the world take part in special activities and events to celebrate his life and work. In Britain, Scouts often visit his birthplace of London or go on hiking and camping trips. There are also many Baden-Powell themed events taking place around the world, such as camps, parades, and badge swaps. So, whatever your plans, make sure you take some time to remember the man who started it all!

Celebrate this day with these resources and remember the great personality!

Activity Ideas:

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