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‘Monopoly’ was first sold (1935)

‘Monopoly’ was first sold (1935)

You would hardly find someone who hasn’t played Monopoly as a child! Did you know that this game was invented in the 1930s amidst The Great Depression by Charles Darrow who wanted to entertain his friends and family? Though there’s a controversy that the game was invented much before by a progressive left-wing feminist Elizabeth Maggie as The Landlord’s Game to picture the ills of society, Charles Barrow is the one who sold this popular game to the Parker Brothers.

This winner-of-all-board-games has been translated into 37 languages since it was patented on December 1935, with 200 licences and localised versions for more than a hundred countries across the globe.

Try out these resources and reminisce about those monopoly days in your care setting!

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