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Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating and honouring our moms, grandmas, and motherly figures around the world. The tradition dates back centuries, with roots in ancient Greece and Rome where mother goddesses were honoured. According to historians, Mother’s Day started in 1908 when West Virginia homemaker Anna Jarvis wrote her mother a touching letter expressing her love and admiration. Her goal was to make Mother’s Day an official holiday to honour all mothers. Since then, countries across the globe have caught on to this sweet idea and come up with fun activities and ideas every year as a way of showing their appreciation.

On a global level, the celebration of Mother’s Day takes on different forms depending on varied cultural customs. For example, Italians recognise the importance of mothers honouring them through an annual rite known as “La Festa Della Mamma” or “Festival of Mothers” where children present moms with gifts they made themselves while enjoying public performances dedicated to mothers.

From barbecues by the beach to homemade cards with thoughtful messages or even virtual hugs, people use endless ways to express their gratitude. All moms deserve recognition for their kindness and hard work – let’s make sure to keep the warmth going strong this Mother’s Day with these resources!

Activity Ideas:

  • Make your own flower arrangements with our activity – here
  • Print off and enjoy our Mother’s Day Activity Book – here
  • Try our Mother’s Day recipe – here