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Move With Oomph Day!

Move With Oomph Day!

Today is the perfect day to get moving with all of the wonderful fitness content here at Oomph! Whether you are a keen fitness lover or are looking for a more gentle way to improve your health, there are many ways to workout with us. Exercise is not only good for your body, studies have shown that working out improves brain function, balance, self confidence and overall quality of life.

Get moving with our exercise content below…

Activity Ideas:

  • Get moving with a video from our partners at Instructor Live – here
  • Relax with our guided beach meditation – here 
  • Enjoy some short Oomph! Fitness sessions below:
  • Rock and Roll classics with Jack – here, here, here and here
  • Storytelling and Abba sessions with Jade – here, here, here and here
  • Boxing themed sessions with Stefan – here and here
  • 70’s dance moves with Alex – here, here, here and here