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My Fair Lady debuted on Broadway (1956)

My Fair Lady debuted on Broadway (1956)

My Fair Lady first sashayed onto the Broadway stage in 1956, and ever since it has been delighting audiences far and wide. It is the story of a poor flower girl named Eliza who is rescued by the witty professor Henry Higgins. Through his tutelage, he helps Eliza recognize her hidden potential. When My Fair Lady debuted on Broadway, it was an immediate success! The first night audience was abuzz over its gorgeous costumes and sets as well as the unforgettable music and performance. People couldn’t contain themselves from humming along to songs like ‘The Rain in Spain’ and ‘Get Me to The Church On Time.’ It’s no wonder it became one of the longest-running musicals on Broadway for quite some time!

An incredible fun fact about its debut is that Rex Harrison, the leading actor playing Higgins, was unable to attend his own opening night due to severe bronchitis! This just goes to show how beloved the production was even without its most important star. It’s hard to believe that this popular show first debuted over sixty years ago. Here are some resources to reminisce about this timeless performance in your care-setting.

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