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National Day Of Reflection

National Day Of Reflection

March 23 is National Day of Reflection – a day to honour, remember and celebrate loved ones who have tragically left us too soon. The story behind the day dates all the way back to March 2020 when the UK entered lockdown due to Covid-19. This was a time of deep uncertainty, fear and sadness as people everywhere came together in support of bereavement charities and their missions of providing critical care for those affected by the pandemic. Since then, every year on March 23, people come together to mark this solemn day in remembrance of all who are no longer with us.

On this day, we can take part in reflective activities such as honouring lost loved ones by creating tributes such as shrines or memorials from photos and meaningful items, planting flowers or trees in memory of them, writing personal reflections in cards or journals and more. All these activities serve to remind us that even though life is short, it is precious and should be cherished forever.

As we continue through 2023, it’s important that we come together just once a year to reflect on this devastating impact Covid-19 has had around the world, no matter where we may live. Celebrate the National Day of Reflection using these resources by taking a moment to think about how far we’ve come since then.

Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy the reflection meditation session with Ruth – here
  • Create your own wish list using our snakes and ladders resource sheet – here
  • Use our reminiscence activities to explore past jobs and travel – here and here