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National Fish and Chips Day

National Fish and Chips Day

Today is the celebration of the UK’s favourite dish, fish and chips! Fish and chips first appeared around the 1860s during World War II, since then it has been the nation’s favourite. It gained popularity when the meal helped fed masses of people during the first World War and fish and chips were the only few foods not rationed during the second World War.

By 1930 there were more than 35,000 fish and chip shops across the UK. The number is somewhat reduced today to around 10,500, but fish and chip shops still massively outnumber other fast-food places, such as McDonalds which has about 1,200 outlets across the UK. Different regions of the UK have their own taste on what fish and chips should be served with – curry sauce is most popular in Birmingham and people in Manchester love gravy and mushy peas the most.


Activity Ideas:

  • Print off and enjoy the fish’n’chips section of our monthly activity book – here
  • Order yourselves some fish’n’chips and serve in cones!
  • Chip shop chips not your cup of tea? Try our carrot fries – here
  • Watch reminiscent footage of a fish and chip shop serving in 1954 – here