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National Hand Writing Day

National Hand Writing Day

National Handwriting Day is celebrated on the 23rd January in the United States. The day was established in 1977 by the national handwriting association to promote the importance of handwriting.

Handwriting is a lost art in the digital age, and many people no longer take the time to practice their penmanship. However, there are still many reasons to celebrate National Handwriting Day. For one, studies have shown that writing by hand helps to improve memory and comprehension. In addition, handwriting is a more personal form of communication than typing, and it can help to foster a deeper connection between writer and reader.

So take some time to pick up a pen and celebrate National Handwriting Day with the activities below:

Activity Ideas:

  • Use handwriting to create some vibrant vision boards – here
  • Try out these handwriting warm up exercises – here
  • Complete our types of handwriting word scrambles – here