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National Sponge Cake Day (US)

National Sponge Cake Day (US)

On 23rd August, enjoy National Sponge Cake Day with this classic of the cake world.

Did you know, the earliest recorded mention of the sponge cake can be traced back to Italy, but it was not until 1615 when poet Gervase Markham mentioned ‘a sponge cake’ in a poem that the name became widely used – they had previously been called biscuits! The sponge cake saw an explosion in popularity throughout Europe, partly because it was fairly accessible to the average person with just three ingredients for a basic recipe. Towards the end of the 18th Century, the use of yeast as the primary raising agent in cakes fell out of favour with beaten egg taking its place. This helped cement the sponge cake that we know and love today!

Enjoy our cake themed activities, quizzes and recipes on this tasty day!

Activity Ideas:

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