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New Years Eve

New Years Eve

For many people, New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and set resolutions for the coming one. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family, and to look forward to the new beginnings that the next year hold.

Most people are familiar with the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions, but where did this practice come from? The ancient Babylonians were some of the first to make promises to themselves in an effort to change their behaviour for the better. They would often vow to perform certain acts of self-improvement, such as giving up bad habits or making amends with those they had wronged. This custom eventually made its way to Ancient Rome, where it was adopted by none other than Julius Caesar himself!

Of course, no discussion of New Year’s Eve would be complete without mentioning the iconic ball drop in Times Square. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people gather in New York City to watch as the massive ball drops from atop One Times Square. The tradition began in 1907 and has been a mainstay of New Year’s Eve celebrations ever since. Today, similar events take place all over the world, from Sydney to London to Rio de Janeiro.

So, whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve, remember that you’re taking part in a long-standing tradition that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. Here’s hoping that your new year is happy and prosperous!

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