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Old Rock Day

Old Rock Day

Every year on the 7th January, we celebrate Old Rock Day! This special day is a time to remember the Earth’s incredible history and to pay tribute to the amazing geologists who help us understand it. After all, we’ve been dependent on rocks since we first walked the Earth, and today it’s no different. Rocks form the foundation of our daily lives, from the buildings we live and work in to the roads we travel on. And, of course, let’s not forget about all the rocks we use for decoration, from vases and sculptures to jewellery.

Use the activities below to celebrate Old Rock Day and learn about all the different types!

Activity Ideas:

  • Did you know, lots of planets are made of rock! Learn about them with our planets activity book – here
  • Test your knowledge with our rocks cross word – here
  • Make your very own rock cakes – here