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Oomph and ZooLab Day

Oomph and ZooLab Day

Today is all about celebrating Oomph’s partnership with ZooLab! ZooLab celebrates all the wonderful ways that animals add to our lives, educates people about wildlife and advocates for sustainable behaviour to protect our animal friends! ZooLab also emphasise the ways that animals can have a therapeutic effect on humans, becoming our pals and keeping the world around us diverse and beautiful. ZooLab produce fabulous videos that engage with the animal kingdom and reveal the wonders of the planet’s creatures, great and small!

Enjoy our new partnership and take part in the activities below…

Activity Ideas:

  • Have fun by watching our summer-themed session with our new partners at ZooLab – coming soon!
  • Challenge yourself with this word search, brought to you by our partners at ZooLab – here
  • Have a go at this mini-beast bug hunt from our fabulous partners at ZooLab – here
  • Test your knowledge with our snake quiz – here, our reptile quiz – here, our habitat quiz – here and our bee quiz – here