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Oomph Cake Day

Oomph Cake Day

There’s no better way to celebrate life than enjoying a delicious cake! Whether it’s a birthday or any other special event, nothing beats digging into a creamy, sugary-sweet slice of the best cake in town or baking one yourself. Research tells us that cakes have been around since ancient Egyptians who filled their cakes with honey and dates. Today, cakes come in all shapes and sizes with endless choices of flavours like salted caramel and peanut butter cup. plus all the unique wedding cakes we’ve seen throughout history! Did you know, Georges Careme created the first Napoleon Cake while working as a pastry chef at the Tuileries Palace in Paris!

Oomph Cake Day brings the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories together in your care-setting over sweet treats. Here are some easy recipes to try and don’t forget to light up some candles before cutting the cakes – remember, every day is cause for celebration!

Activity Ideas:

  • No Bake Cake recipe – here
  • Classic Cake quiz – here
  • Marvellous Milk Cakes – here