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Oomph! Get Arty Day

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Art is a thing that is in existence since the start of the human civilization. It is appreciated both for its beauty and the happiness it gives to those who see it. Oomph! Get Arty Day is an opportunity to celebrate all forms of art and the effect it has on your heart.


Activity Ideas:

  • Get artsy with our Creation station cosmo flowers draw-along- here
  • Or Galaxy painting with Creation Station – here
  • Enjoy colours with our Fireworks in a Jar activity – here
  • Try our Tie-dye activity – here
  • Or why not try our Decorative Beer Bottles instead? – here
  • Lights Camera Action with our activity book – here
  • Enjoy a discussion session with our Ben uri Art activity – here
  • Round two with our Ben Uri Art discussion on illustrations – here
  • Enjoy an arty themed quiz with our activity – here
  • Round 3 with another Ben Uri art discussion – here
  • Enjoy Pablo Picasso art gallery with our activity – here