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Oomph! Music Day

Oomph! Music Day

It is impossible to say how long people have been making music (some anthropologists suggest that there is evidence of ancient civilisations singing in ’rounds’ or as parts of choirs) but we do know that instruments have been found from 40,000 years ago. These resembled modern-day flutes made out of animal bones and ivory. Many of the early instruments of the Medieval period were fashioned out of hammered silver and gold and music became more and more prevalent in the high courts of the era as well as subsequent royal courts. The invention of record players in the late 19th Century caused an explosion in the role of music in people’s daily lives. As technology improved, so did the distribution of personal music devices, most notably the SONY Walkman that made music transportable for the first time!

We love celebrating music at Oomph! Join us with these fun, engaging activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy a music day with the Oomph Playlists! Including Julie Andrews – here 50s Music – here The Beatles – here Sting – here Motown – here Cilla Black – here Marvin Gaye – here
  • Have a sing-a-long and challenge your knowledge with Mr Meredith’s musical quiz – here
  • Have a go at the Oomph! Name That Instrument Quiz – here 
  • Get crafty and create your own drum – here 
  • Print out and enjoy this medium difficulty music instruments word search – here
  • Get crafty with this fun and creative castanets craft – here