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Opera Lovers Day

Opera Lovers Day

The term opera comes from the Latin word “opus” which can be loosely translated to “work”. In the early years of opera, women were not allowed to sing, not even as part of the wider chorus. The opera singer with the highest voice is known as the soprano and the singer with the lowest voice is called the basso profundo. The most performed opera in the world is The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, closely followed by his other classic The Marriage of Figaro. There are several “types” of opera: Grand Opera (set completely to music), Opera Buffe (a comedic opera), Opera Comique (an opera with some spoken word), Singspiel (an opera featuring fantasy elements) and Operetta (a short opera).

Enjoy our Opera themed activities, including a special interview with our partners at Street Theatre, below…

Activity Ideas:

  • Explore classical music with our Classy Classical activity – here 
  • Learn about the iconic opera The Marriage Of Figaro with this video from our partners at Street Theatre – here 
  • Watch our introduction to opera – here
  • Challenge your knowledge with our Opera Quiz – here