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Paddington Bear Debuts In A Bear Called Paddington (1958)

Paddington Bear Debuts In A Bear Called Paddington (1958)

Paddington Bear, the unfailingly polite marmalade-loving bear, was first introduced to the world by Michael Bond in 1958, becoming beloved by children and parents alike! The original illustrations of the character were drawn by famous illustrator Peggy Fortnum who created his signature look; a duffle coat, floppy hat and luggage. Bond was inspired to write the first Paddington story when he saw a lone bear on a shelf in Paddington station. He bought the bear as a present for his wife on Christmas Eve 1956 and eventually sent out his first manuscripts to publishing houses. The book was bought by William Collins & Sons. The story sees The Brown Family meeting the lost bear, who comes from Peru, and adopting him after reading a note attached to his suitcase saying “please look after this bear, thank you.” In many of the Paddington stories, there are 28 in total, the loveable bear finds himself on an adventure whilst trying to fix an injustice. The popularity of the franchise has skyrocketed recently thanks to much-loved live-action adaptations.

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