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Paul McCartney is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (1997)

Paul McCartney is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (1997)

The knighting of Paul McCartney, one of the most legendary musicians in history, was a momentous occasion that shook the world. On March 11th, 1997, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed upon him the title “Sir” in recognition of his incredible work and lifetime achievements within the music industry.

On this day, why don’t you honour Sir Paul McCartney by hosting a dance party in your care-setting with all his famous songs from The Beatles! Use these resources to learn more about Sir Paul’s vast musical experience itself and how it impacted generations around the globe. Let’s raise a celebratory glass for Sir Paul and for the legacy he has left behind!

Activity Ideas:

  • Paul McCartney & the Beatles are from Liverpool, enjoy our Liverpool themed activity book – here
  • Test your knowledge on Paul McCartney songs with our Wordsearch – here
  • Finish The Beatles lyrics crossword – here