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Piano Day

Piano Day

Piano Day, a fun, festive occasion celebrating the wonder and joy of pianos, is observed every year on this day and started out as a movement in 2013. The idea for this special day was conceived by the German musician Nils Frahm and has now become an international event. To many people, the piano represents much more than just music – it symbolizes a creative way to relieve stress, combat loneliness, and bring joy into our lives.

On Piano Day, all aspects of this incredible instrument are honoured from its various composers and players to makers of digital instruments and new apps related to piano playing. People around the world take part in Piano Day celebrations by attending concerts featuring different genres of music played on a variety of instruments like acoustic pianos, grand pianos, uprights, keyboard controllers and synthesizers. Additionally, some enthusiasts organize workshops or compose their own music in tribute to Piano Day! No matter how you choose to recognize Piano Day this year, use these resources to bring some musical cheer to your care-setting!

Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy a piano mindfulness session with Sound Healing – here
  • Enjoy Mr Meredith’s piano playing and musical quiz – here
  • Have a go at our The Piano Man activity – here