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Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday (570 A.D)

Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (570 A.D)

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday is known as Mawlid and it has been celebrated since the early days of Islam when followers would perform poetry and songs to commemorate the occasion. The Ottomans officially declared it a holiday in 1588 calling the elaborate celebration Mevlid Kandil. Muhammad was born in Makkah on a Monday and when asked why he chose to fast on the day each week, he is reported to have replied “that is the day on which I was born and the day on which I received Revelation.” It is said that the prophet’s mother, Aminah, did not experience pregnancy or birthing pains when Muhammad was born and dreamt that she would give birth to an enormous, holy light that spread all the way to the Palaces of Busra in Syria. Celebrations are held in mosques throughout the globe with readings from the Quran and religious lectures. The emphasis on these celebrations is joy and unity with many communities in the United Arab Emirates marking the event with impressive festivals. The oldest known Mawlid text is thought to have been created in Persia early in the 12th Century.

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