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Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day has become an increasingly popular yearly tradition since it was first launched in 1988! This day brings people together to have fun, raise funds and make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty. It all started with a British woman named Jane Tewson who wanted to use comedy and entertainment to draw attention to important causes. Red Nose Day boomed as celebrities got involved, raising awareness and money for vulnerable people across the globe. It’s always celebrated on a Friday in March and includes exciting events, merchandise and videos to get everyone involved.

On Red Nose Day, thousands have gathered together over the years in Piccadilly Circus wearing red noses at midnight! Lowering yourself into large buckets of ice-cold water has also become a trend for this special event, showing your sense of humour for a good cause.

Here are some resources to spread some laughter in your care-setting, whilst helping to make an impact on children around the world!

Activity Ideas:

  • Fundraise with our 22 ideas – here
  • Have a go at the National and International charities quiz – here
  • Use our fundraising pack to help you raise money for the cause – here
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